add-source - Add a source by URL


suricata-update add-source <name> <url>


The add-source adds a source to the set of enabled sources by URL. It is useful to add a source that is not provided in the index.


--http-header "Header: Value"

Add an additional HTTP header to requests for this rule source such as a custom API key. Example:

add-source --http-header "X-API-Key: 1234"

Skips downloading the checksum URL for the rule source.

Common Options

-h, --help

Show help.

-D <directory>, --data-dir <directory>

Set an alternate data directory.

Default: /var/lib/suricata

-c <filename>, --config <filename>

Path to the suricata-update config file.

Default: /etc/suricata/update.yaml

-q, --quiet

Run quietly. Only warning and error messages will be displayed.

-v, --verbose

Provide more verbose output.

--suricata-conf <path>

Path to the suricata config file.

Default: /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml

--suricata <path>

The path to the Suricata program. If not provided suricata-update will attempt to find Suricata on your path.

The Suricata program is used to determine the version of Suricata as well as providing information about the Suricata configuration.

--suricata-version <version>

Set the Suricata version to a specific version instead of checking the version of Suricata on the path.

--user-agent <string>

Set a custom user agent string for HTTP requests.